This is the ever anticipated event of BARSHA, where even seniors becomes kids. Of course it is our loving picnic. Picnic in bengali is “Choruibhati”, where as kids we used to enjoyed going with our parents in kolkata, namely the famous Diamond Harbour or Raichak etc. BARSHA brings back the essence of such picnic, with inhouse delicious food like, luchi , chollar daal, aloor dum followed with the famous maach bhaja (fish fry) and kochi pathar jhol (mutton curry). The venue is handpicked so that it provides us to play football (the favourite sports of Bengal) , cricket, volleyball etc…with the ladies enjoying moments of antakshari, dumbcharades , so on and so forth. Kids enjoy in their own unrestricted way amidst nature.

This year we were on the foothills of Nandi Hills Bangalore.

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